The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly from College Football Week 7

The Good: LSU’s upset of Auburn

There were plenty of upsets around college football this past weekend, and for the most part, they were all very, very good. It’s fun to see underdogs take down tough opponents, often in completely unexpected ways. And that’s exactly what you had here.

Auburn had a 23-7 lead in the second quarter of this game, and given how LSU has played lately, and that they have Ed Orgeron as their head coach, it was all but locked up for Auburn. There was no reason as to why they should’ve lost to the Bayou Bengals. And yet, they did.

So, why is this good? Well, as a Mississippi State fan, it’s important to remember that the Bulldogs beat LSU by 30 points a few weeks ago. That’s a good reason as to why this game is a good thing. But also, it’s good because it’s fun to see SEC fans freak out about their head coaching situation. And given that Ed Orgeron is LSU’s head coach and for whatever reason that seemed like a good hire to them, it’s good to see another SEC fanbase turn on their head coach. And why not Auburn?

The Bad: Texas Tech blowing their halftime lead to West Virginia

West Virginia fans would say this is good. TCU fans would say this is good. Most people would say this is good. And in a way, this is very good.

But it’s also very bad.

Why is it very bad?

Because, for whatever reason, West Virginia fans like to burn couches. A lot. They like to burn couches a lot. And, as an avid fan of couches, it’s never a good thing to see couches ignited. It’s a good thing that burning couches in Morgantown, West Virginia is a felony.┬áNow, I don’t know if they burned couches after this game, but, I don’t care. I don’t want this fanbase to have any fuel to burn beautiful couches.

The Ugly: Both Washington and Washington State got upset

How is this ugly? Well, #8 Washington State committed 7 turnovers to a mediocre California team. It’s never a good thing to commit a number of turnovers almost equal to your college football poll ranking. Typically, you won’t win many games that way. Unless you’re ranked #3 or #2 or #1. Committing three or fewer turnovers is something that a lot of teams can overcome.

7 turnovers is not something that a lot of teams can overcome. Especially when you only score 7 points. Washington State committed 2.333333333 turnovers for every point they scored.

I repeat.


And Washington didn’t have a much better weekend. The Huskies scored lost to Arizona State in a thrilling 7-13 shootout. Typical result for those high powered offenses that we see on the west coast.

So, we have two ugly games here. And, well. The real reason as to why this is really ugly is that we won’t get two undefeated teams in the Apple Cup for a chance to play in the College Football Playoffs. It would’ve been great if two historically mediocre teams both got to be 11-0 and facing off with the entire nation focusing on them.

Nope. Not this year.

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