Roger Goodell’s wife used secret Twitter to defend her husband

Thank you, Jones smith. A.K.A. @forargument. A.K.A. Jane Skinner Goodell, the NFL commissioner’s wife.

According to Andrew Beaton of The Wall Street Journal, Jane fired of 14 tweets that were “defenses of Mr. Goodell in reply to various publications, including the Journal and prominent sports commentators.”

I love everything about this. Roger totally knew this was happening, and based off the completely lame responses, I’m really hoping he was in on it. I always assumed his social media experience was so abysmal that he had surely sworn off the Internet by now, but just the slight potential that he’s still paying attention to the dumpster fire that is social media thrills me.

The tweets didn’t receive much action on Twitter, but did produce a few gems. Like calling Journal columnist Jason Gay “immature” in a response to a tweet of Roger Goodell and three Patriot fans with the caption “roger goodell with three guys who will be disowned by their families tomorrow.”

In another tweet, she compares head of the NFL Players Association, DeMaurice Smith, with Donald Trump: “Reads like press release from players’ union.” tweeted the now deleted account according to the The Wall Street Journal article. “You can do better reporting. (D Smith sounds like D Trump with the inaccurate firebombs)”

An NFL spokesman claimed Roger was unaware of the account, and Mrs. Goodell issued a written statement that said a lot without saying much.

You can read the entire Wall Street Journal report by following this link.

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