How Not To Act Around College Football: Things Get Rowdy for Mississippi State-Kentucky

Mississippi State and Kentucky are “rivals.” And by “rivals,” I mean that nobody really cares about the manufactured rivalry that Mike Slive is responsible for, but it’s typically a close game, though Mississippi State has dominated it during this decade, winning eight of the nine matchups from the Dan Mullen era of MSU football. The only win that Kentucky has against Mullen came a year ago on a last second field goal.

And so, even though nobody really cares about this being a “rivalry” and these Kentucky fans were very bold and very wrong,¬†MSU beat the hell out of Kentucky. The game wasn’t close, but that didn’t stop things from getting a bit rough and rowdy in Starkville. And I’m not really referring to anything on the field.

I’m talking about adults being idiots and embarrassing themselves with dumb decisions. I’m talking about people making examples of themselves of how not to conduct yourself in public and how not to be recorded yelling at your football players

First, I’m talking about how MAAAAAAAD Kentucky’s assistant coach was after his team was tamed to the tune of 45-7.

HOLY CRAP WAS VINCE MARROW (the assistant coach heard screaming) MAAAAAAD

At first it starts as indistinct yelling, then it turns into loud profanity laced yelling, then it turns into an awkward moment where a grown man needed to be reminded that he needs to control his emotions so that they aren’t recorded for the world to see through the internet.

But hey, that wasn’t the only moment that a grown man embarrassed himself with his temper this weekend in Starkville. There’s another horribly beautiful moment of tempers flaring in Starkville that the internet got to witness.

I’m talking about a fan donned in camo clothing chasing around tailgaters with a belt because of reasons that I don’t really know. But it made for an intriguing case to write about. I went and found as many videos of it that I could, because I wanted to show the entirety of the story. So, well, here we go. Just as the video above had profanity and embarrassment written all over it, so do the videos that follow.

I myself have let my temper flare in regards to college football. I have never chased anyone with a belt through a tailgate nor have I ever been chased through a tailgate with a belt. These are examples of what not to do while tailgating. Things got rough and rowdy in Starkville over the weekend, but at least the Bulldogs beat the Wildcats.

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Photo Credit: Ethan Lee via his iPhone (thanks iPhone)


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