Ludacris ‘Vices’ Song and Video Review

Ludacris Vices screenshot of video

Note: This post is tagged as NSFW, or Not Suitable For Work. Content on this post may contain explicit content and/or language which could be viewed as inappropriate or offensive. 

Ludacris has a new song out called Vices and the video is below. In a way, Ludacris is one of my vices. That’s why, even though it’s bad for me and over time has gotten progressively bad in general, I’m now going to break down the new video/single. The video contains explicit language.

Video Breakdown

0:03 – Luda checks to make sure his grill from 2005 is still properly secured inside his mouth. Yup. We are all good here.

0:15 – After Luda declares that it’s going to be the longest night of life and that the sun is never coming up, we cut to what appears to be a gigantic Ludacris head on someone who is not Ludacris. This is a good time to mention that I’m writing this in real time so that my reaction feels the most genuine. I’ve only heard the song until this point.

Anyway, most importantly, the time is 10 p.m. in the music video. Is time going to be a theme here? In the longest night of life do clocks even matter?

0:17 – Okay so the hook starts up and Ludacris is now getting ready in the bathroom with the giant Ludacris head mascot, we will call him GLH. Also we can confirm my earlier report that GLH is indeed not actually Ludacris.

0:49 – Sounds like the first verse is starting up. In case you’re watching without sound, the chorus is Ludacris telling you that everyone has vices while GLH dances around with two scantily clad yet very respectable females. They are throwing oversized money and also possess what appears to be an oversized cigarette of some fashion yet to be determined.

1:03 – This is the only time I’m going to cut in until the first verse is done. As consistent with his career theme, Ludacris reveals he’s had relations with females who all had different occupations as well as overall levels of attractiveness.

At this point in the song, even though he appears to be overly excited about bad habits, I’m still pretty much here for it. Tanqueray is horrible, as is all Gin related products, but to each their own. I can still respect the art. Anyway let’s continue.

1:35 – I think the 32 second gap since we last spoke were nothing short of cinematic excellence. Here’s a lesson in friendship we get from our friend GLH.

Luda is coming clean about his addiction to Tanqueray. He’s admitting that he would both “cuff her and wife her” which I think is a great example of both lust as well as loyalty and Luda is just standing in front of the mirror with GLH all wide-mouthed and soaking it in.

Anyway, I think the overall theme was that Luda wanted us to know he really likes Gin. I hope this song helps him break that addiction if that’s what he’s going for. Gin is horribly awful and I think he could benefit from drinking anything else.

1:53 – It’s now 1 AM in the music video and we’ve only cleared one verse of the song. I feel as if the previously billed night in which the sun never comes up may be a lie. Things are progressing at far too fast of a rate.

2:24 – Before admitting that his second vice is marijuana, Luda also reiterated that he does indeed have relations with women. This is done across various areas, — and area codes — which include but one would be foolish to consider limited to: Seattle, Atlanta, Philly, The Bay, Cali, Carolina, New York, and Tijuana.

2:56 – It feels like the end of this second verse, he was really going for something witty, or impactful, or profound, or something else that feels really important. Instead it just feels like someone explaining how things grow to an admittedly solid beat.

Additionally, and look this isn’t because I don’t like him don’t get me wrong.. I just feel like GLH may be a contributing factor to these vices that Luda suffers from. If I had a friend that wore a giant head and never said anything when I talked to him, I’d imagine that Luda’s vices could be seen as acceptable outlets. Except for Gin which is still bad.

3:35 – Now that I’ve invested 3 minutes and 35 seconds of my time on Luda’s struggles, working hard to understand them and convey them to you, Luda instructs me to worry about my own life.

I think it’s a pretty baller move to spend time telling people about the bad things you do before telling them not to worry about the bad things you do. Maybe Ludacris wants to tell but doesn’t care to be told. Maybe GLH is a better partnership than I originally anticipated.

4:19 – The shot above is the end of the video. As you can clearly see to the right of our misunderstood friend GLH, it is day time. Much to Luda’s dismay, he did not produce a banger nor a night out which prevented the rise of the sun.

Overall Thoughts

The beat feels like it’s going to be bad at first but then ends up being alright. The lyrics and premise feels like the song is going to be mediocre and then your expectations are confirmed. As far as nightlife, this doesn’t feel like much of a club song. I don’t think people really like the idea of standing in a packed club and raging to their realization that they probably shouldn’t be enjoying where they are or what they are doing.

Official Rating: 🔥🔥  A little fire

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